3-D formula – Formula created to perform calculations across several worksheets (Microsoft Excel)

Absolute reference – when you copy a formula an absolute cell reference or range address remains unchanged. (Microsoft Excel)

Alignment – Where data is positioned  – left, centered, right, justified (Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports)

Cell – The intersection of a row and a column in an Excel worksheet; contains various types of data that can be formatted, sorted and analysed.

Chart – a pictorial representation of data (Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports)

Column – A vertical group of cells in an Excel spreadsheet

Field – A column of data in a database (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports)

Function – A pre-defined formula that performs string operations or calculations. Functions are used in Excel spreadsheets, Access queries and reports and Crystal reports

PivotTable – In Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access, an interactive table that you can use to summarise, organise and compare large sets of data. The rows and columns of a PivotTable can be rotated to create different views of the same data

Query In Microsoft Access, a query extracts data from one or more tables and displays their results

Quick Access toolbar – In Office 2007 and Office 2010, displays commands for saving the current file, undoing the last action and repeating the last action. It can be customised by adding buttons for frequently used commands.

Relative cell reference – When copying a formula this type of cell or range address is updated in relation to the location of the formula (Microsoft Excel)

Row – A horizontal group of cells in an Excel spreadsheet

Template – A file with predefined settings on which you can base new files.

Workbook – An Excel file containing several worksheets; by default a workbook contains three worksheets

Worksheet – Part of an Excel workbook consisting of rows and columns that intersect to form cells which contain data

Workspace – An arrangement of Excel worksheets which when saved will open in exactly the same arrangement