IT Consultancy

The JMD IT Consultancy provides total consulting solutions for all your computing needs. Delivered in your office or home, all of our IT Consultancy is entirely bespoke. 

Whatever your problem, our IT consultancy will find a positive, cost effective and sustainable solution for you. Our IT consultancy is designed to provide one off or continued backup to small and medium sized businesses operating in the Sydney area. From data manipulation and computer training to bespoke programming, the JMD IT consultancy is your perfect IT partner. We provide you with a personal IT department, there whenever you need to make use of it – and no need to pay when you don’t!

Recent consultancy projects undertaken include:

  • Design of Access client order database
  • Creation of Access queries and reports
  • Preparation of PowerPoint presentations for meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Effective presentation skills advice
  • Preparation of workshop materials
  • Form design
  • Connection to Internet
  • Use of Excel for data analysis, charting, reports
  • Preparation of Word and Excel templates
  • Design and analysis of 360° feedback questionnaires
  • Advice to companies on how best to use aspects of all Microsoft Office programs to better serve their business needs
  • Preparation of Microsoft Project plans
  • Explanation and training of inherited files
  • Demonstrating how to get meaningful statistics from data or sales figures

We provide IT consultancy Sydney, CBD, North Sydney, Chatswood, St Leonards, and all Sydney suburbs. However, consultancy can be covered over a wide area with use of e-mail, etc.

We have also written many training manuals including:

  • Microsoft Office to all levels
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Enterprise Project Management for Project Managers and Team Members
  • Train the Trainer