AutoCAD Training

If you’re looking for really great AutoCAD Training you’re in the right place.

Companies large and small choose us – why? Your own tailored, AutoCAD Training course, at your own premises at the same price as a standard course from elsewhere.

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design package used for drafting. It includes features for creating designs that are both precise and accurate. If you attend our AutoCAD training you will learn to create draft drawings. You will add dimensions to your drawings. You will scale drawings and look at the print options.

The JMD Training difference is clear:

  • We come to you – your AutoCAD Training will be given on your site
  • We can train using your own files and images
  • There will only be people from your company on your AutoCAD training course
  • The training date is around you, not us!
  • We can assess all learners in advance for free
  • Our courses are never cancelled
  • Our prices are astounding
Course Type Cost per day
1 to 1 training$575 + GST
2 to 3 delegates $1195 + GST
4 to 5 delegates$1495 + GST
6 to 8 delegates$1795 + GST

Prices are PER DAY, and NOT per-person! E.g. if there’s 5 people on the course, you pay $1495 + GST.


There are no pre-requisites for this course apart from general computer knowledge.


Understand the concepts of AutoCAD.

  • Be able to create drawings
  • Add annotations
  • Add dimensions
  • Work with polylines
  • Work with blocks
  • Print drawings

Course Overview

This course outline is provisional and can be adapted to your needs.  

The AutoCAD Workspace

  • The Interface
  • The Ribbon & panels
  • Navigating the document
  • Drawing & Modifying Tools
  • Setting Units & Limits
  • Model & Paper spaces

Creating a Drawing

  • Drawing using Coordinates
  • Drawing using the Tools
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Using Dynamic Input
  • Selecting objects
  • Modifying objects

Efficient Workflow

  • Creating Elevations
  • Moving & Copying objects
  • Mirroring objects
  • Creating Layers
  • Scaling in Paper Space
  • Creating Templates
  • User Coordinate System


  • Adding Dimensions
  • Adding & Modifying Text
  • Adding Leaders
  • Creating Text Styles

Creating Isometric Drawings

  • Drawing to a Grid
  • Creating an Isometric Grid
  • Drawing Isocircles
  • Adding Isometric Dimensions

Working with Polylines

  • Creating Polylines
  • Editing Polylines
  • Converting Lines to Polylines
  • Adding Hatching

Working with Blocks

  • Creating Blocks
  • Editing Blocks
  • Importing Blocks
  • Adding X-Refs
  • Importing logos & images

Printing Drawings

  • Print a Drawing
  • Exporting as a PDF
  • Packaging Files