Introductory Microsoft Word trainingIntroductory Microsoft Word Training courses

If you’re looking for really great Introductory Microsoft Word training you’re in the right place.

Companies large and small choose us – why? Your own tailored, Introductory Word training course, at your own premises at the same price as a standard course from elsewhere.

You may be looking for Introductory Microsoft Word training because your job role has changed or because you are looking to get back into the workplace. Be assured, our trainers are very patient!

The JMD Training difference is clear:

  • We come to you – your Introductory Microsoft Word training will be given on your site
  • You get to keep the manuals – Introductory Word training manuals are provided as PDFs
  • We can train using your own Microsoft Word documents
  • There will only be people from your company on your course
  • We offer a money-back guarantee if any delegates are not completely satisfied
  • The training date is around you, not us!
  • Our prices are astounding
  • We can assess all learners in advance for free
  • Our courses are never cancelled

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Course Type Cost per day
1 to 1 training $495 + GST
2 to 3 delegates $895 + GST
4 to 5 delegates $1295 + GST
6 to 8 delegates $1595 + GST

Prices are PER DAY, and NOT per-person! E.g. if there’s 5 people on the course, you pay $1295 + GST.

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Organisations who have benefitted from our Introductory Word training include

Aims of the Introductory Word 2010 course

This course aims to introduce delegates with little or no understanding of the Microsoft Word software to the basic features of the package.

Course Objectives 

On completion of the course delegates should understand and be able to accomplish basic operations associated with creating, formatting and finishing a word processing document ready for distribution. They should also be able to use some of the more advanced Microsoft Word 2010 applications including:

  •       Creating standard tables
  •       Using pictures and images within a document
  •       Importing objects
  •       Using mail merge tools.

The course is of one day’s duration.

How the course is run

This instructor-led course has a hands-on approach, with plenty of opportunity for delegates to practise the new skills they learn at the computer.


Delegates attending the course should preferably have a basic understanding of the Windows environment and use of the keyboard and mouse.