Microsoft Office upgrade training – workshops and floorwalking

Many companies will upgrade Microsoft Office. The majority of these organisations will expect their staff to unravel the mysteries of the new versions for themselves. Whichever version you are upgrading from, you are bound to find changes in the new version.

It takes time for people to find their way around the system and to find out what exciting new features there are which were not available in previous versions.

However, investment in Microsoft Office upgrade training and possibly floorwalking, could quickly take away the apprehension of staff and make them more productive very rapidly.

Microsoft Office upgrading training workshops combined with floorwalking enable personnel to ask questions specific to them and iron out any problems they may be facing with finding how to do things in the Microsoft Office suite that they previously did with older versions.

Visit our blog If Only I’d Known That,; we have called it that because we hear it so many times in training sessions. In fact, if only we had an extra $100 for every time someone says “If only I’d known that.” ….

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Depending on the size of the organisation, some companies may convert everyone to the new version of Microsoft Office at once; others may move staff over at a more gradual pace. Microsoft Office upgrade workshops/training and floorwalking could be done over a few days in one week, or a day or two per week spread over several change. Staff then become productive in the new software rapidly, and embrace the change rather than resenting it.

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