Job Applications and Interview Skills

If you’re looking at preparing Job Applications and Interview skills that will get noticed you’re in the right place.

Job Applications and Interview skills training for Government sector clients is applicable to any department that is undergoing restructure or sometimes as a developmental tool for teams/individuals who want to progress.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the GSE Act 2013 and the merit principle.
  • Effectively apply the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework to job applications.
  • Create a resume which addresses the required capabilities for the role they are applying for.
  • Write a cover letter which addresses the job criteria.
  • Respond appropriately to targeted questions as part of the written application process.
  • Answer behavioural interview questions using the STAR format and ensure required capabilities are addressed.
  • Understand the methodologies that may be used in assessing applicants.

Participants may be provided with the opportunity to have post course contact with the trainer in order to gain feedback on their prepared resumes

Our trainer, Lauren, is highly experienced in facilitation and coaching of public servants undergoing organisational restructures who are required to apply for internal positions or who are wanting to do so for developmental purposes. The workshop provides participants with the skill to handle Job applications according to the NSW capability framework. Lauren is frequently involved in post course coaching of these employees to assist with applications.

She has worked with agencies such as Safework NSW, Work Cover, Department of Fair Trading, Department of Education, and Treasury in this regard.

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Other Personal Development training courses

The GSE act 2013

An overview of the changes made to government sector employment and the enhancement of the merit principle. An explanation of the types of capability based assessments and the understanding of how multiple assessments are used.

The Public sector capability framework

An overview of the NSW public sector capability framework in order to facilitate sector wide capability building and mobility across the sectors.

Interpreting applications and addressing capabilities

An overview of the format of role descriptions and an explanation of the requirements of the focus capabilities as well as the indicators.

Writing a resume

An overview of the information required in a resume for public sector applications and techniques to ensure the resume is clear and concise and has the relevant content for the role being applied for. This includes a practical session in which participants will spend time on their own resumes and begin writing them in line with the requirements of the I work for NSW website. Coaching from the facilitator is provided in this session.

Writing cover letters

A practical session in which the participants are able to have a go at writing a practice cover letter for a job of their choice or for a real application if they are currently applying for roles.

Addressing targeted questions

Targeted questions are often required to be answered as part of the job application process. Participants are taught how to address these questions to ensure they are addressing the appropriate capabilities adequately.

Interview process

An overview of the types of interview questions that may be asked in a behavioural interview. Participants are taught how to use the STAR format to respond to questions. A practice session is conducted where participants have an opportunity to ask and answer behavioural interview questions with each other. Discussion is held around the type of preparation that should be done prior to interview.

Assessment centres

An overview of the meaning of an assessment centre and the types of methodologies that may be used in these situations.