Intermediate Microsoft Access

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During your Intermediate Microsoft Access training, you will increase your skills in the design of Access tables, forms, queries and reports. You will also discover how to create Access table relationships for ease of data input and output.

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  • We come to you – your Intermediate Microsoft Access training will be given on your site
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Course TypeCost per day
1 to 1 training$495 + GST
2 to 3 delegate $895 + GST
4 to 5 delegates$1295 + GST
6 to 8 delegates$1595 + GST

Prices are PER DAY, and NOT per-person! E.g. if there’s 5 people on the course, you pay $1295 + GST.

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Aims of the Intermediate Access course

This course aims to give delegates a greater understanding of MS Access.

Course Objectives

  • On completion of the course delegates will have improved their skills in using Microsoft Access. They will be able to:
  • Use field properties for protection
  • Understand table relationships and referential integrity
  • Create multi-table queries
  • Use calculations in a query
  • Design custom entry forms
  • Design custom reportsThe course is of one day’s duration.

How the course is run

This instructor-led course has a hands-on approach, with plenty of opportunity for delegates to practise the new skills they learn at the computer.


Familiarity with the Windows environment, and a basic knowledge of MS Access.

Displaying the Access database

  • The Navigation pane, customising the Navigation pane
  • Database display

Table design – fields

  • Applying and modifying data types such as text, memo, hyperlink, currency, date and time in a field
  • Understanding the consequences of modifying data types such as text, memo, hyperlink, currency, date and time in a field
  • Creating and editing a lookup in a field
  • Creating and editing a validation rule in a field
  • Creating and editing an input mask in a field
  • Applying and modifying default values in a field
  • Setting a mandatory field
  • Fields with multiple values

Table Relationships

  • Understanding the basis for creating a valid relationship
  • Creating a one-to-one or a one-to-may relationship between tables
  • Understanding and modifying a many-to-many relationship between tables
  • Applying inner, outer and self joins
  • Applying and using referential integrity
  • Applying automatic deletion of related records
  • Relating or joining data when designing records
  • Adding fields to tables
  • Field templates

Microsoft Access Query design

  • Grouping information in a query
  • Using a crosstab query
  • Using wildcards in a query
  • Using arithmetic and logical expressions in a query

Form design

  • Using bound and unbound controls
  • Creating and editing a combo box, list box, check box and option groups
  • Inserting a data field to appear within form header or footer on the first page or all pages
  • Stacked and tabular layout controls

Report design

  • Inserting a data field to appear within report header or on footers on the first page or all pages
  • Forcing page breaks for groups on reports

Importing, exporting and linking data

  • Importing text, Excel, csv, etc, documents into an Access database
  • Exporting data in Excel, txt, etc. formats
  • Linking external data to an Access database