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Unlock the potential of your workforce with customised training solutions from JMD Training and Consultancy.
Why settle for generic courses when you can tailor training to fit your specific needs?

Our adaptable approach allows you to select and combine topics that best suit your team’s requirements. From communication skills to time management and everything in between, we offer specialized training to enhance productivity and proficiency.

With on-site training, we bring the learning experience directly to your workplace. Plus, our computer training can be customized to utilize your own files and folders, ensuring relevance and maximizing learning outcomes.

Empower your staff with the skills they need to excel in their roles and propel your business forward.
Contact us today to discuss how our flexible and specialised training can benefit your organisation’s success.

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Our computer training offer courses in all aspects of Microsoft Office products. Most popular include  

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Project training 

Microsoft Power BI training 

Windows training

Computer training guaranteed!

All our Microsoft Office training is available in Microsoft 365

IT Consultancy

We are happy to set up templates, produce presentations, create Access databases, etc. for use within your organisation. 

IT Consultancy

Professional Development Courses

Our personal development training aids
communication – the key to success in business and personal relationships. Our tailor-made courses will motivate and inspire staff ensuring they achieve their potential. 

Professional Development

Microsoft Excel Training
Microsoft Word Training
MS Project Training
MS Power BI
Professional Development